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Can we firstly give a big well done to all of you who over this weekend have cracked on and run your own Virtual Ashby 20 2020! You have all really earned your infamous Ashby 20 hoodie - do you like the colour? And good luck to any of you planning to run 20 miles in the next couple of weeks. Don't forget to post on Facebook (before 29th March) so that we can catch you in our fun Virtual Ashby 20 results!

Thank you for all your support on social media. It goes without saying that the mood among the team was bleak on Friday having made the hard decision, but with hindsight we feel we made entirely the right call, and this seems to be echoed in your positive comments. Thank you.

The race committee have met again today to consider next steps. Sadly for us, we have been able to react fairly quickly because we have a "template" following 2018's experience. You will know that this is an event organised entirely by a community based running club (Ivanhoe Runners), with massive volunteer support from local organisations. But we do have large financial obligations to companies supplying traffic management, results service, toilet provision and so on who, in the current very uncertain times, we cannot expect to help us to the extent they did in 2018. So, we have to brace ourselves for a tough year.


However, despite potentially facing a bigger financial penalty, we have decided to adopt exactly the same approach as in 2018 regarding entry to next years race, entry fee refund and hoodies.

By selecting one of the options below, you will receive priority entry to the 2021 race at the prevailing entry fee.


The person who made the original entry can click via the link below in INSTRUCTIONS section to access your entry on SiEntries and choose ONE of the following FOUR options:

  1. Please keep my entry fee, I don’t want a hoodie;

  2. Please give me a hoodie,

  3. Please give me a £10 refund, or

  4. Please give me a £10 refund and a hoodie.


You have until midnight on Thursday 19th March respond; if there is no response Option 1 applies. We have made this a fairly tight deadline, as we want to quickly get on with getting hoodies out to you before any potential coronavirus imposed restrictions on travel etc.

By then we will know the options for getting the hoodies to you - we learnt a lot in 2018 and again may well distribute to clubs via a single point of contact - we are working through this and will confirm. Please hold on to your number as we may distribute some hoodies locally and will want your number as proof of entry.


Any monies not refunded (from Options 1 or 2) will be used firstly to guarantee the continued running of the event, and then a donation to charities including Teenage Cancer Trust.


Any hoodies not sent out will firstly be sold to our volunteers to mitigate event losses (with all the proceeds going tocharity), with the surplus hoodies donated to local charities.

More details can be found in the Cancellation Q & A's under the Event Info tab on the Ashby 20 website.


Once we know the exact size of the hoodie distribution task (i.e. next weekend) we will communicate again on how we will get your hoodies to you.


Thank you for being part of the great Aldi Ashby 20 family...

Aldi Ashby 20 Race Committee


We have worked with SiEntries to try to make this as simple as possible, and in a way where we can quickly collate choices and get hoodies and refunds out to you as soon as possible.

When you log in to SiEntries, where you originally entered, your entry will show the options as a picklist. Make a choice and Save.

In More Detail:

  1. Click the link here which takes you to SiEntries website where you need to log in using your email and password which you set up when you registered.

  2. You will be taken to My Entries (if not, just select My Entries from the menu on the left). Select your 2020 entry and click the Edit button.

  3. Make your selection from the Options picklist.

  4. Scroll down and click Save.

  5. If you entered any other runners, repeat the steps for each person you added.

  6. Tick the disclaimer again and SAVE ENTRY

  7. Go to Update Update my Details on the left hand menu and ensure your details are correct, particularly your address if you did not receive a number in the post!

  8. Log out. Job done. Thankyou!

  9. Refunds will be received within 3 weeks from 19th March if you asked for one

  10. Hoodies will be distributed as soon as possible


Important information for those who have entered other runners, or been entered by someone else


How things are set up on SiEntries

The first entrant, called the 'owner', is the person who made the contract, gave their card details, and paid. We can only refund this person.

The other runners they added never provided any card details and came to a private arrangement over money with the person who made their entry, the owner. Typically they are not registered with SiEntries so cannot logon; and even if registered, logging on may not show their entry.


This email has gone to all the original entrants (owners) and all participants.


I was entered by someone else, what do I do?

You need to tell the owner your choice:

Please keep my entry fee, I don’t want a hoodie;

Please give me a hoodie,

Please give me a £10 refund, or

Please give me a £10 refund and a hoodie.


You will receive the hoodie; the owner will receive the refund, and you come to another private arrangement over money.


As the original entrant, what do I do?

You need to get the new person's choice:

Please keep my entry fee, I don’t want a hoodie;

Please give me a hoodie,

Please give me a £10 refund, or

Please give me a £10 refund and a hoodie.


They will receive the hoodie; you will receive the refund, and you come to another private arrangement over money.



ALDI Ashby 20

'30th Anniversary'

Sunday 15th March 2020



The race begins at the

Bath Grounds

Station Road

Ashby de la Zouch


LE65 2GP

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