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Aldi are working with Teenage Cancer Trust to ensure no young person faces cancer alone

Teenage Cancer Trust delivers world-class cancer care and support to young people diagnosed with cancer aged 13 to 24. They work in partnership with the NHS to provide highly-trained expert staff and specialist cancer units in NHS hospitals across the UK. The charity is there at every stage, from diagnosis, through treatment after treatment. It also brings young people with cancer together so they can support each other. 

For every young person Teenage Cancer Trust supports, there is another they can’t reach.

That’s why Aldi have partnered with Teenage Cancer Trust to raise awareness of this vital cause and help ensure no young person ever has to face cancer alone.

Aldi aim to raise £5 million over the next 5 years. It’s an ambitious target, no question, but they believe that with the support of everyone  it can happen.                      

Wishes 4 Kids

Wishes 4 Kids has been created to grant a wish for children and youngsters in Leicestershire who are life limited, terminally ill, have experienced life-changing physical or emotional traumas and have suffered major abuse. The Charity grants wishes for those of eighteen years and below.


Wishes 4 Kids has already granted thousands of wishes for local children.


Sadly they do not have a magical cure for the suffering of these youngsters, however, they can bring a short period of respite. The time when a child has a wish granted is a moment that will be treasured by them for the rest of their life. It is also a time which parents will remember – that time when their child forgot the suffering.

heartwize for runners

Heartwize Runners was created in early 2016 after the successful resuscitation of a fellow competitor who sustained a sudden cardiac arrest in a cross-country race.


Fortunately, other runners on scene were able to provide immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) having been trained at work. Their skills saved the life of a previously fit runner and have inspired us to offer lifesaving CPR and defibrillator (AED) training to all runners in the region and beyond.


Volunteers become TRAINERS or "HEARTWIZE AMBASSADORS" to cascade lifesaving CPR and AED skills across the running community. Our aim is to make every runner in the UK and beyond confident to provide high quality CPR should they witness a cardiac arrest. Heartwize believe that by disseminating these skills via a volunteer force of trainers a community of lifesavers can be created.

Hospice hope

At Hospice Hope we provide free support for people affected by life limiting conditions across North West Leicestershire, this includes the individual living with a life limiting condition their carers and families. 

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