Frequently Asked Questions

When does it take place?

Fri 19th, Sat 20th, Sun 21st March 2021

Can I run the distance over the 3 days?

Sorry no. You must cover the distance on one of the dates above

Is there a time limit?

No. You just need to complete the distance on one of the days

Do I get a hoodie?

Yes yes yes! If you've entered the Virtual Ashby 20 then you will get a hoodie. These will be distributed after the event to you postal address. It's your responsibility to ensure that these are up to date, via SI Entries. address details can be changed up to Friday 5th March

Can I swap my hoodie if it's too big/small?

Sorry no. There will be no swaps available. The date to change your hoodie size has now passed (31st Jan 2021)

Can I find out the colour of the hoodie? 

In keeping with Ashby 20 tradition, no. You will have to wait to find out when you get your parcel in the post

Where can I run my 20 miles?

Please stay local to where you live and follow all of the current Covid 19 Government Guidelines which are in place at the time of the event. It is participants responsibility to conduct an assessment of their course, ensuring that it's safe

Runners World - How to plan my route

Road Closures

Can I use the Ashby 20 route?

No, it is not safe to do so. In addition running the route could put the future of the Ashby 20 event in jeopardy. For the 'real' event we have road closures, extensive marshall and first aid support in place making it a very safe route

Can I run with a group of friends?

Please follow current Covid 19 Government Guidelines which are in place at the time of the event

What if I get injured whilst running the 20 miles?

It is your responsibility to take appropriate health and safety precautions such as choosing a suitable route, making sure you have a mobile phone with you, letting someone know the route you will be taking, wearing appropriate clothing, and having your ICE (incase of emergency) details with you

How many entries are available?


Will there be a results table?

Yes. Results will be available on our website

How do I submit my time?

Via SIEntries

Will I beat the Ashby 20 Gorrila?

Maybe, maybe not. We will let you all know what time the Gorrilla runs it in

Will I get a cheese cob?

Only if you make it yourself!

What happens if government restrictions change?

We are continuing to monitor the situation and if the guidelines change we will adapt accordingly. It is imperative that ALL participants stick to the Government guidance in place at the time of the event. Please do not 'bend' the rules. If it doesn't feel right, then it most probably isn't

What happens if there's extreme weather forecast?

We will be monitoring the weather conditions. However as you will be running in your local area it's your responsibility to check your local conditions. As this is over 3 days it might be that one of these days might be more suitable than others. Always wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions

UK Weather Warnings - Met Office

UK Weather Forecast 

Has the Ashby 20 completed a Risk Assessment

Yes, in line with UKA requirements. In addition, in line with UKA guidance, participants should conduct their own assessment of their own route


Can I complete the virtual event on a treadmill